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<b>S P Balasubramaniam WAVE ends??</b> S P Balasubramaniam WAVE ends??

Topic started by hjl (@ on Sat Oct 16 05:35:27 EDT 2004.
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SPB wave ends?
- 13.10.2004
Singing offers to SPB has come down drastically in the past few years. Does this mean that his era in the film industry has ended?

SPBís voice is one of the most recognized voices in South Indian film industry. He had also done lot of playback singing for Salman Khan. But, for a while he has simply vanished from the recording rooms.

What happened?

"I donít think it is a wave. If it is, then I will be back again soon. I have been singing for the past 39 years. Once upon a time I was a new singer too. But, even now I sing the songs that suit my voice and style. The day my singing deteriorates, I will stop singing. If I feel that I had spoilt a song, I would myself call a press conference and accept that my voice had spoilt it. Then Iíll announce my retirement too," he said.


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