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Mazhaye Mazhaye Elamai Muzhudhum Nanayum Varayil Vaa Mazhaye Mazhaye Elamai Muzhudhum Nanayum Varayil Vaa

Topic started by kumarr (@ on Thu Nov 11 12:36:00 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This is one song of Sankar Ganesh, which I like the most.

This song has been sung by SPB and SJ and this is also one of the few songs, which SJ had sung for Sarikha.

This song features Pratap Pothan and Sarikha.

When I heard this song first, never did I think that this song is from the Sankar-Ganesh Duo.

Seeing the melody in it, I misjudged, that this is yet another melody song by none other than Raja and from the stable of Raja, but only to be proven wrong later.

Normally, I did not have a good rating of Sankar Ganesh and was only having an impression that his songs are not good to listen to.

But after hearing this song, I do not anymore think otherwise of him, if not holding him too high.

I have forgotten the name of this film. But this song is really really good.

Few other songs of Sankar Ganesh, which have attracted me are

1. Thanimayilae Oru Raagam Oru Thaalam Uruvaagum
By SJ and S.N. Surender, I suppose, in a Vijayakant Film , the title of which starts with "Sattam"

2. "Yaaradhu Sollaamal Nenj Allip Povadhu; Kaanamal Penmai Vaazhumae; Vaadumae..." sung by VJ

Is "Unnai Azhaidhadhu Penn; Uravai Ninaidhadhu Penn... Are you Ready Ready Ready ?..." by Sankar Ganesh .

That song too, eventhough not a melody, is a jolly song.

The songs of "Samsaram Adhu Minsaram" - music by the Sankar Ganesh Duo - are reasonably ok.

Coming to the subject, how about the topic song ?

Guys, do you think the same, as I think; do you feel the same, as I feel, while listening to this song.

Is this song a really good and Melodious Song ?

"Mazhaye Mazhaye Ilamai Muzhudhum Nanayum Varayil Vaa

Saaral Vizhum Neram; Deva Mayakkam

Koondhal Malarin Thenai Edukka Kaathu Kidandhaen Kaalgal Kadukka

Idhayam Thudikka ..."

Mazhaye Mazhaye Ilamai Muzhudhum Nanayum Varayil Vaa


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