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<b>Then, <i>Minnale</i>, now, <i>Kaakha Kaakha</i> next, <i>Pathi</i></b> Then, Minnale, now, Kaakha Kaakha next, Pathi

Topic started by Jay (@ on Fri Apr 25 01:34:02 EDT 2003.
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The Gautam Menon-Harris Jayaraj-Thamarai seems to be a success formula. Thamarai has done it again. She has given wonderful quality lyrics for Minnale and Kaakha Kaakha. Well, we all can say she is in the making of a Kaviarasi. Despite the criticisms, that follows Harris's music, one has to agree that the words and the lyrics can be followed in Harris Jayaraj's music. He does not kill the words in the song with his beats. After Minnale and Kaakha Kaakha, now Gautam Menon-Harris Jayaraj-Thamarai will be working in a film titled, Pathi. The film stars the Minnale star, Madhavan.



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