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I want to learn Carnatic Music (music in general) how should i begin? I want to learn Carnatic Music (music in general) how should i begin?

Topic started by M.Sridharan (@ on Sat Feb 26 12:13:31 EST 2000.
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Dear ppl,

I love music and want to learn carnatic music. For composing I need to know the various ragas and other absolutely necessary
elements. How should I go about it. I have no background in music
but I am totally ignorant of it. But I can catch a lovely tune and
whistle it (almost perfectly I should say). Some of the songs that
moved me are "Ponn Malai Poluthu...." and "poonkathave thaltherai vaa.." from Nilalgal, "Yedhedo Yennam valarthene..." from Punnagai
Mannan, "Nilave Vaa.." from Mouna Ragam,"Vaan Megangale, vaalthungal..." from Puthiya Varpugal, "Thungatha viligal...." and "Ninnakori Varanam..." from Agni Natchtiram...... and so on.
Music composition is an art and whenever I listen to some of
the tunes of IR/ARR the driving force to learn is strengthened
further. I think music is a creation and long to create my own
tunes. Can somebody help me out about how I should start. Earlier
I had started the topic of "Music composition using computer" and
gained valuable info. on composing using a computer. I expect a
good number of suggestions and guidance.

With Regards,

my email-id:


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