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Raaja's choice of Mano Raaja's choice of Mano

Topic started by mfm (@ on Fri May 8 23:43:08 EDT 1998.
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I think Raaja did not do justice to some wonderful composings by using Mano. Especially those that Mano sang in calf's voice with the sweet renderings of SJ. Two songs that I feel Mano did well is the Nee Oru Kaadhal from Nayagan and another solo in the film that features "Poove semboove" by KJ. I feel IR has committed sin by getting Mano to sing all the songs in Idayathai Thirudadhe and also in the film directed by JayaChitra starring with Raguman. I think you folks will come up with lot of songs that IR wasted with Mano. As a humble devotee of Raja, I really hate him in this aspect.


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