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<b>YSR's Kadhal Kondaen Lifted Tunes?</b> YSR's Kadhal Kondaen Lifted Tunes?

Topic started by mkn (@ on Mon May 5 04:19:29 EDT 2003.
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Nenjodu Kalandhidu [Film:
Kaadhal Konden (2003)]

Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Inspired by the prelude of The Corrs number, 'Runaway'. 

Listen to

" target="_top">">

| Runaway
" target="_top">">Runaway

[i2fs] comments: It was rather startling to see Yuvan
creating a song solely out of the prelude to the Corrs' number...the
basic tune of both the songs are actually different. But yes, Yuvan has
tried his hand at a Irish-styled track and perhaps should not have
relied on one of the most popular Irish bands around, for inspiration -
a rather easy giveaway of the source! The inspiration is very similar to
R D Burman using the prelude of Procol Harem's 'A whiter shade of pale'
for his 'Manzil' number, 'Tum ho meri dil ki dhadkan'. However, while
Pancham created a masterpiece with the limited inspiration, the quality
of Yuvan's output is debatable! 


Manasu rendum [Film:
Kaadhal Konden (2003)]

Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lifted from the song 'A rose in the wind' by Anggun. 

Listen to"> size="2" face="Arial">Manasu
| A " target="_top">">A
rose in the wind

[i2fs] comments: I came across this information in TFMpage and
was rather surprised over two things - first, this is the second lift of
YSR in the same movie that I had included a couple of weeks back and
second, the amount of lift in this track. Blatant and in such a way that
it puts a huge question mark over an upcoming (some may argue that Yuvan
has crossed that stage with his so-called recent hits...that's besides
the point, though) composer's creativity. Trivia note on Anggun:
Anggun (born Anggun Cipta Sasmi) is one of Indonesia's most popular musical
performers. Now settled in Paris, Anggun's debut English album, 'Snow on
the Sahara' with songwriter/ producer Erick Benzi, blend diverse sounds...traditional and
con temporary, Indonesian and Euro-American. Benzi has, in the past
worked with celebrities like Celine Dion, Algerian rai singer Cheb Khaled, and French pop legends Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Snow On The Sahara recalls the best of Annie Lennox in the rich instrumental textures and soaring vocals of its first single, the title song; and such choice cuts as "Over Their Walls," "A Rose In The Wind," and "Valparaiso." Anggun contributed lyrics to "On The Breath Of An Angel" and to the Indonesian-language song "Selamanya." The album closes with one of its most memorable tracks, her interpretation of the David Bowie classic, "Life On Mars."

Kadhal Kondaen was a Directly Liften album.

Yuvan Shankar Raja going to be yet another Copy Cat?


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