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MSV'sBiography Release Report MSV'sBiography Release Report

Topic started by raj (@ on Mon Dec 22 04:04:30 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Biography Release Report:
Biography on MSV written by Rani maindhan
6.30 PM 20-DEC-03 Saturday

It was a great evening filled with Emotions.

Stalwarts in a stage. Yes Naushad,MSV,V.Dakshinamoothy,T.K.Ramamoorthy,T.R.Pappa,Vaali,S.P.Muthuraman,K.Balachander,Sivakumar,P.B.Sreenivos,A.VM.Saravanan,Cho,Illayaraja,DD Director Natarajan,Nalli kuppusamy,R.M.Veerappan.

I was blessed to See all in one hall/one stage

& you will not believe, down the stage along with me were the others from film industry/Writers .
yes, Pughazendhi,Balakumaran, R.C.sakthi,Seerkzhi sivachidambaram,Bharadwaj,Deva,Muthulingam,Kamakotiyan,Poovilangu mohan,Nagesh,Rajesh were present..

The programme started off with a kid singing Kurai ondrum illai
Since naushad ali had to leave early he released the book & Veteran V.Dakshinamoorthy received the first copy.

Naushad praised MSV (in hindi translated by PBS)

then Naushad Left .. till that time MSV was standing.. He sat only after Naushad Left.

AVM Saravanan started off the Programme with his speech.Sivakumar followed. He cited many songs in many Category and mentioned TMS,Seerkazhi,PS,PBS & VJ.He also cited some of the pages from the book.
All others speech were short & sweet..

KB's speech was filled with emotions..
Illayaraja -- Sang the Malai pozhudin & said PS's Singing & MSV-TKR's tune brought me life..

Illayaraja said what ever fame he's got till now , is the Guru Kanikkai .. he said i'll surrender those at MSV's feet..

Last was Vaali.. KB,Sivakumar all said we've got time before Vaali because Once Vaali starts we will not have anything to speak & his speech will be speech of the Day ..It was true..

Vaali said .. MSV'ya paarkum mun enakku ore PASI
MSV'ya paartha pin naan ore BUSY..

He said indha vittil pochai vimanam aakiyavar MSV..

Naan ingu nirkiren endral andhu MSV'yal than

he remembered many incidents ...

PBS spoke in Praise of MSV by singing Paal vannam, hindi song, Pon enben..

Finally MSV delivered his speech

It was a Great Evening


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