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Where is Sreeram Paarthasarathy?? Where is Sreeram Paarthasarathy??

Topic started by KK (@ on Sun Apr 14 00:56:47 EDT 2002.
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[Source YES- The New Indian Express dated, November 23, 2001]

Sriram Parthasarathy - Playback Singer

Still swinging to "Dhind Dhind Tara"?
Sriram Parthasarathy - vocalist, veena-ist, Harmonium-ist, just about everything musical.
Sriram, not a total new-comer. For he is already well known for his rendering of "Vendum Vendum" (Dhill) and Umma (Vedham) and of course, Dhind Dhind Tara (Poovellam un Vaasam).
He hails from a musically gifted family. Now 20, Vidhyasagar gave him a break in Vedham, then Dhill & Poovellam un Vaasam. His recent song is Naliravil Kaithi from Paarthale Paravasam under A R Rahman.
He has also lent his voice for various ad' jingles.
In 1997, he was awarded the Best Vocalist of Chennai District. Among the numerous awards that he has received, he cherishes the awards received from Music Academy in 2000 - Best Vocalist and Best concert award - the most.
He is currently doing his BA (Music) final year from the University of Madras and plans to pursue his MA. His advice to youngsters is "Practice makes a man perfect". Don't leave practice even if there is a scarcity of chances.


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