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Which voices best suit actors/actresses? Which voices best suit actors/actresses?

Topic started by Arun (@ on Mon Feb 24 07:44:06 EST 2003.
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During the 80s and mid 90s SPBala sang for most actors espcially Rajini Kanth as his voice suited him well. Today it is rare to hear him sing for young tamil stars such as Madhavan etc. One reason for this is that SOME actors are uncomfortable with SPB singing for them as they feel he sounds "older". Another example of a singer who is not used as much as they were in the 80s in S.Janaki. Although she is a great singer, I am not sure which of todays actresses her voice will suit. KS Chitra used to sing mainly for Kushboo and Revathi and I think today a voice still suits many new generation actresses such as simran, Aishwarya, layla, sneha etc. Sujatha was a popular choice among MDs during the 90s and still is now and I feel that her voice suits a few actresses well such as Jyothika. What about other singers (new and old)? Sadhana Sargam, Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Sriram, Swarnalatha, Hariharan, Harini, Harish etc. Which actors/actresses (new and old) do their voices best suit if any, or are there any singers you feel are out of touch?


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