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Kamalhassan's Pushpak Kamalhassan's Pushpak

Topic started by Evolution Vii (@ on Wed Mar 5 05:38:35 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

a singitham srinivasa rao silent movie which only had bgms acted by kamal & dialogues, no songs but became a national award winner & best actor for by L. came out as pesum padam in tamil..a true to the title...

saw the movie on dvd & was impressed the way music was handled, after watching the movie for the 1st 10 minutes, one forgets the thought of dialouges missing in this movie...

if only IR had done the bgm for the movie, maybe we would have got a combination of "how to name it & nothing but wind" soundtracks for it...but then, "how to name it" was very aptly used in balu mahendra's "veedu" movie...


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