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Tamil Videos - Collector's Editions Tamil Videos - Collector's Editions

Topic started by Krishnan (@ on Wed Dec 23 15:52:14 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This query is directed to all tamil movie enthusiasts among us., a premier on-line south-indian-video mall, is interested in
assembling "Collector's editions" of popular tamil videos.

For eg :
Mani Rathnam Collector's Edition : Would include every single video of Mani , starting from Pallavi AnuPallavi, Unaru, Pagal Nilavu, etc. all the way upto Iruvar.

Since this forum is composed entirely of Tamil film music lovers, we would like your input in assembling these collectors editions.

Could you please let us know the answer to one question : What kinds of Collector's editions would you be specifically interested in ?

We're initially planning to launch 3 such editions : All Mani's movies, All KB's movies & All BharathiRajaa's movies.
( By All, I mean the ones whose original prints are available legally in the video market ).

But we're sure there are many more specific editions you're looking for, so please let us know your choices.

Based upon your input, we shall assemble the most popular Editions and make them available in the 2nd week of January at competitive prices.

Thank you,


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