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TFM - Non-Technical TFM - Non-Technical

Topic started by Genius (@ on Mon Oct 16 16:59:57 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Its high time, we need a general Question thread in TFMPage which caters to silly-billy questions the people can get answers for. Questions which doesnt need a seperate thread to discuss and that questions you cant even imagine expecting more than 2 responses can be posted here.
and the same thread can be reused for futhrer silly-billy questions.
1. Tamil CDs cheap-a US-la enga kidaikum?
2. T.Rajendar's contribution to TFM ???
3. 'Antha' padathula, 'avan' music pota 'antha' paatu per enna?
corollary: "intha' paatu entha padathula??


I have named this thread "TFM - NON-Technical"

Here is my first pitch on this:
Chicago-la, do anyone know of a good tamilmusic shop where I can get some genuine Ilayaraja 80' music CDs - mean the "IR's Oldies But Goodies" type!!


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