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Brand New Topic - ARR Vs IR!! Brand New Topic - ARR Vs IR!!

Topic started by tigger (@ on Wed Nov 21 15:45:39 EST 2001.
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top ten reasons why IR is better than ARR:

1. Raja's music is like a 5-course meal but he prepares it like fast food. Rahman's music is like fast food but he prepares it like a 5-course meal.
2. Raja's music is like Coke - the real thing. Take it or leave it - but think of tinkering around with it to make it more palatable and fans would be horrified (people familiar with New Coke's disastrous introduction in 1985 and it's subsequent withdrawal will understand better what I mean). Rahman's music is like Pepsi, definitely the choice of a new generation, but coke fans will never really understand what it is that people like about Pepsi - ughh!.
3. Raja can compose a tune at the drop of a hat, but the song is so unique and the various sounds blend so well that you feel as if God intended the song to be that way and there is no way you will accept it any way else. Rahman takes ages to give that right 'impromptu' touch to his songs - and changing most of his tunes (very few of his songs are pretty good and therefore fit the do-not-change criteria) will not cause me to lose much sleep.
4. Raja's music is like a perfect wife - nice to be with, comfy, goes above and beyond to take care of your needs, and usually exceeds expectations. Rahman's music is like a typical wife, when she's good, she's great(kannodu kaanbathallaam), but when she's in one of her moods, she can be terrible and you feel like yelling "shut the **** up" (minsaara kanna - jeez, shut the **** up!)
5. Raja's music pulls at your heartstrings, Rahman's makes you want to shake an arm and a leg but doesn't quite reach your heart.
6. Raja's music is so unique, ARR is repetitive for the most part.

OK, #6 was lame, but I wanted to write atleast 6 points.



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