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Reasons as to why people are ditching ARR fast Reasons as to why people are ditching ARR fast

Topic started by vijay (@ on Sat Jun 13 02:15:59 EDT 1998.
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hai this is based on the information given in in 'indraya seithigal' section.I think u need amutham font to read the info.It says people are getting fed up of ARR taking a lot of time to compose and his lack of concentration in seems that ARR had problems with shankar with reg. to BGM in jeans and so ARR is out of shankar's next film.It seems after shakul hameed's death he did not come to the studio at all for 1 month and this had infuriated kunjumon who threw ARR out in his next film.also most of the film poojas nowadays starts with IR's name in the MD slot.the news also says that realising his mistake ARR is working hard to get back .your opinions on this after u visit the site.sorry iam not able to give a live link i have given only the address.


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