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Query Idhayathai `tholaiththa' kavidhai / paattu

Topic started by eden (@ on Sat Aug 14 05:43:20 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

One of my friends (not a DFer) has a peculiar problem! His non-Tamizh-yet-well-versed-in-Tamizh colleague has challenged him that before `ennavale'song, the idea of idhayathai tholaiththadhu has not occured in Tamizh litt at all, let alone in TFM! He is asking someone to help him to refute this claim!!(I'm not one & I promised to take up with Udhaya, SK, Arul & others in DF) Idhayathai thirudiyadhu, kiLLiyadhu ellam vEndam! Only `tholaiththadhu, means, missed or lost and found elsewhere!


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