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Songs beginning with REPETITIVE words..... Songs beginning with REPETITIVE words.....

Topic started by Anand (@ on Mon Apr 6 00:36:42 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi all,I am starting this thread to make a list of Tamil film songs which start with repetitive words,.....I don't know why, but this seems to be the IN THING with lyricists of today.....Let's see...some of the latsest songs of that type:
1.ANBEY ANBEY kollaathey,kannney kannai killaathey..(Jeans)
2.VENNILAVEY VENNILAVEY vinai taandi varuvaayaa.....(minsara kanavu)
3.SONIA SONIA sokkavaikkum sonia....(Ratchagan)
4.UYIREH UYIREH unnai ennodu kalandu vidu....(Bombay)
5.URVASI URVASI take it easy urvasi.....(Kadhalan)
6.KAADHALAA,KAADHALAA kaadalin saaarala....(Soorya Vamsam)
7.LUCKY LUCKY,neeyum lucky.......(Ratchagan)
8.ENNAVALEY (adi) ENNAVALEY en idayaththai tulaithu vittane.....(kaadalan)
10.MALARGALEY,MALARGALEY idu enna kanavaa?...(Love Birds)
11.HEY SHABBA,HEY SHABBA nenachcha kanavu balikkadaa...(Karna)
12.PULVELI PULVELI tannil panirtuli panirtuli.....(Aasai)
13.AKILA AKILA , Kannadichcha Akila....

Let me stop at the LUCKY number...13.Guys and Gals, just continue, and put in the numbers from 14 onwards....let's see how many we can list!!!!!!


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