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What happened to Ranjit Barot after scoring VIP ? What happened to Ranjit Barot after scoring VIP ?

Topic started by cosmician (@ on Tue Apr 24 16:08:59 EDT 2001.
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Ranjit Barot...the first time I saw his name was on ARR's "Love Birds" album....he was credited with Rhythm Programming for I think the Apache Indian number...and he did do a good job in VIP IMO...saw the film in Devi Theatre in Chennai on THX/Dolby?...and the first song with Ramba and Prabu Deva had a cool chorus gliding/sliding across the theatre ends...does anybody remember that ? Then later I heard his instrumental album...I forget the name (listening to one of the tracks that I had recorded from that album and hence this thread)...why has this guy stopped composing in TFM and cine music in general ?


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