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Topic started by Pandu (@ on Fri Jan 26 02:08:33 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

"Mellisai Mannar" "Akila Ulaga IsaiChakravarthy" MSV is undoubtedly a person who has served tamil film music industry with the greats around.

Imagine doyens like Gemini SS Vasan, AVM Chettiar, Nagi Reddiar in the production side, great composers like G Ramanathan, CR Subburam, SM Subbiah Naidu, SV Venkatrama Iyer, KV Mahadevan as contemporaries, Udumalai Narayanakavi, Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram, Marudhakasi, Kannadasan etc., around, when MS Viswanathan succeeded a new Era of Film music, with competent challenging singers like Trichy Loganathan, CS Jayaraman, Seerkazhi Govindarajan, TM Soundarrajan, PB Srinivas and other singers like P Susheela, Jikki, LR Eswari, Jamunarani and others.

It was film industry then and not called film business as at present. Strict quality control was being enforced and a variety was given by unique identity for each song be it tune, lyric or singerwise. Remember not everyone can become a producer those days and there were not many films numberwise. There was restricted film productions with more knowledgeable technicians. Despite all this, the melodies composed by MS Viswanathan alone and with TK Ramamurthy rose above all challenges and are still ringing even today.

It is a fact that each song sounds with a pep of a new song till date. I want all our unbiassed fans and friends to post their opinions about his melodies.(NO FANATICS PLEASE)

Tell me, if Iam wrong, when I say :

"The name of the singer could be identified with the song of MSV ( although making it TMS song, Sirkazhi song, PBS song, Suseela Eswari song etc)" - You cant do it most of the songs after 1980s.

"You can totally hum a BGM, sing the song with the BGM melody and rejoice" - Even this was absent in songs after 1980s, especially with other Music Directors, though they are great.

"Number of movies worked alone dont count for excellence in music"

"To compose a song with a variety in the tune, excellent rhythm changes, newer orchestral arrangements with a boon entry in the then TFM scene,(Imagine Puthiya paravai -Western, Aayirathil oruvan - Karnan -Hindusthani etc) was a revolution"

The Great master did it! Undoubtedly he needs to be appreciated.


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