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Topic started by no jalra (@ on Sat Dec 8 04:32:39 EST 2001.
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This is a list of songs which i feel cannot be beaten by any other song in tamil film music.
all these songs are selected not on popularity but by thier individual charecteristics.
it so happened all these songs r composed by the maestro ilaiyaraaja.

these 12 songs are unbeatable and will withstand time in my opinion .

my idea is to collect many songs like these of different music directors and finally compile a top twenty unbeatable song list of tamil film music.

if DFrs like this idea please contribute ur own list with explanations that will help everyone to decide on the final twenty.

1.'thendral vanthu theendum pothu'-avatharam. this is the best low pitch song ever recorded in tamil film music.though earlier raaja has composed many low pitched master pieces like 'metti oli katrodu''punnagaiyil minsaram' this song stands out because of its mood creation and orchestration.

2.'en kanmani ilam kadali'-chittu kuruvi.this song has beautifuly recorded in those days when technology has not reached has got counter point flavour like 'poomalaye thol sera va' but it beats it because of its one so far have attempted this style of song. and no one will ever.

3.'manitha manitha '-kan sivanthal man sivakkum.this the only anthem for working class in tfm.the tune itself speaks a unnecesary stress on words like 'ttthhhai maaaaaneyyy vannnakkkkam'.composed in western classical style it has got universal feel.

4.'thenna marathula thendral adikkuthu'-lakshmi.very simple folk tune. the catch point is the whole song is in one line tune.just pitch variations. a unrecoganised gem of raaja.

5.'raja rajadhi rajan intha raja'-agni natchathram.this song's highlight is its four part vocal.usually different singers sing the four parts in a song.but if u notice carefully you will find all the four parts are sung by raaja himself.raaja always experiment with voices. 'vanthal vanthal rajakumari' is alsocomposed in the same lines but it was a blend of two voices. and in mayabazaar a whole song is compsed in vocals without any musical instrument,but 'rajathi raja' is unbeatable.

6.'amma endralaikkatha uyirilaye' m.s.v-m.g.r days mother is symbolised as someone who gives courage and guidenece.there was no emotinal feeling in thier songs. when raaja came he mixed with mother sentiment. though he has composed innumarable songs on mother this song stands out because of its neither a 'grammthu aatha' nor a 'city mummy'. the song just the feel of mother.

7.'ilamai ennum poong katru'-palil oru nilavu. if some one asks what is tamil film music u can a play this song. this epitomise the tamil film music past, present and has got very right mixture of everything,a true original tamil film song.

8.'kavidhai kellungal'-punnagai mannan.this is the only song in tamil film music history which has folk,western and carnatic in starts in western style plunges into folk and comes back with carnatic with ease and style.

9.'maman ooru nal malligai poo koduthan'-rosappu ravikkaikari.these day we talk lot about voice experimenting.but way back in seventies this song is recorded.just feel the rawness of the voice.which totally blends with the film and its charecter.though raaja has tried many different voices like in 'anney anney sipoy anney' 'edho mogam' but this cannot be beaten for its rawness and freshness.

10.'pon meni uruguthey'-moondram pirai.this is the ultimate erotic song in tfm. the simple guiter interludes and janaki's mesmeraising voice take the song to great music director has ever attempted these kind of songs with class.

11.'mottai madi mottai madi' all chidren song on the lines of western choral music which was never attempted in tfm. though in 'indira' arr did try but this song is too much for him to beat.

12.'rum bum bum aarambam'-michel madana kamarajan. though this song is said to be a inspiration of bill haley's rock aroud the clock it is the pure rock and roll song in tfm. m.s.v has composed some song in r and r format like ' malernnum ' in kadalikka neramillai but mmkr song is a complete rock and roll song from chord formation to singing style.and if u listen to bill's rock around the clock you will know how different is this song. a winner all the time.

please post ur opinions.

thank u


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