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Indian (Tamil) Music compared to World Music Indian (Tamil) Music compared to World Music

Topic started by raycas (@ on Sat Nov 10 18:50:14 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

u know, living in europe one comes in touch to a large variety of music...all that western stuff, from america till europe, everything...
the reason for this thread is the following:
when i sometimes listen to indian (tamil, malayalam, hindi etc.) music, i sometimes get this feeling as if it was so easy to compose songs like these...of course i see all those complex structures in ARR's and Ilayarajas compostitions (also in other mds), but still, when i then hear western stuff, all these loud things where don't know how many different sounds are played simultaneously to create a kind of weird effect, then, then all of a sudden i get this feeling that all that western stuff is much more complicated and 'great' than this 'easy' music composed in our india...
i would be thankful to u people if u could find solutions to this problem...i would like to hear how u people 'defend' indian music...tell me why indian music is much more complicated and well thought than i think...


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