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Topic started by Mystifier (@ on Wed Dec 17 10:40:27 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Listenin to Radio SriLanka in the late 70s i used to hear one song that just awed me on first hearing itself unconditionally. As my musical knowledge deepened, widened and heightened, this one song mystifies me even more today even if the memories associated with it is very vague.

It is its sheer beauty and a spectacular style that it stands out all by itslef among so many other favorite mystical compositions of mine.

Like Bach' Taccato & Fugue in D Minor (the Strings/orchetral version) that gives me the creeps, this song by none other than IR has an outrageously unusual prelude and tune, giving off a fantastic buoyant mood:

"Ilankiliye Innum Villankaliye" in KamalHasan' Sankarlal with the rightly chosen voices of SPB and SJ. A melodious song with such positive attitude, energy, magic, flow and sound just happened i guess to IR and for IR only so far as far as I know. (And, unfortunately it happened to IR only once I can tell you that much! Atleast it happened as far as I am concerned.)

Anyone has that ONE and only ONE unbeatable song?


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