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Topic started by Karthi (@ on Sat Feb 2 00:34:09 EST 2002.
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Dear friends,

Please check this link out:>Latha. ie click on the link 'Latha' on the right hand side.

Latha is an aspiring young lady in need of immediate medical help. Her story is heart rending. She lives in Triplicane, Chennai. I have asked my friend (Vidyasagar) to find out her address and he's already talking to her doctors. Will post her address here as soon as I get it.
In the meanwhile, thought of driving a fund raising program to help her family in proceeding with her surgery. 'Kumudam' will be approached to publish the names of persons who have helped in the endeavor (as acknowledged by the family to have received the money).

Any amount starting from $1 is appreciated. You can send your checks to:

101 Princeton Ave
Providence, RI 02907

Thanks a lot and lot in advance!!!


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