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Topic started by hemalatha (@ on Fri Nov 5 22:49:25 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Malaysian local telemovies now frequents on market! We have to appreciate that.. at the same time there are a lot of worst movies too until can't be accept thier bad works.1. PRANA, 2. NIJAMELLAM 3. TAKE IT EASY POLICY, 4. SATHURANGAM 5. PAANDIYAI THEDI, 6. ALWAA ARIDASS and more and more.... The only telemovie that we can accept is SATHURANGAM and NIJAMEELAM. Both have its own touches. We can write the short reviews of the telemovies. The worst telemovie that i watch is PAANDIYAI THEDI and ALWA ARIDASS! Your comments....


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