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Melodies from all eras that are not based on classical music Melodies from all eras that are not based on classical music

Topic started by vijay (@ on Fri Jul 24 18:09:09 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The popular opinion seems to be that only carnatic based songs have the ability to last in one's heart forever in TFM.this is the reason as to why we hear ramanathan and IR's songs even after 20 years and they still sound fresh. but iam looking for MELODIOUS tamil film songs from all eras that are not even remotely based on carnatic or hindustani music, but that have made a great impact on us and has the lasting power.
do the foll. songs belong to that category?
1. putham puthu kaalai

2. endha poovilum vaasam undu

3. oru kungumach changamalam

i await your opinions and songs.


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