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musical shifts of Mani, KB and Bharathiraja! musical shifts of Mani, KB and Bharathiraja!

Topic started by Karthik (@ on Tue Aug 22 07:04:35 EDT 2000.
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Maniratnam, K Balachander and Bharathiraja, all three biggie directors in tamil actually had a very fruitful association with IR. Except KB the other 2 actually started with IR. KB of course is an old hand and had a great innings with MSV.

Now Mani has worked only with 2 composers, IR and ARR. And contrary to media speculation he might not work with newcomer Dina, as he's rumored to work only for Mani's home production directed by his assistant azhagam perumal. So Mani goes on.

KB, has for now stopped movies and more into Tele serials. But he shifted to Maragadhamani (Keeravani in telugu and MM Kreem in hindi) with Azhagan and subsequently Jaadhi malli. Both of them had some really good music. Deva came in for one movie, Kalki and the music, for the first time in a KB movie was substandard (IMHO). Then KB went to ARR and came out with Duet, again with great music. KB stopped there!

Bharathiraja was the strange one. He opted for Ravi in Vedham Pudhithu, when even today lot of people think it was by Raja. The kannukkul nooru nilavu was a classic IR-like composition. I still am doubtful about the composer of VP, can anybody clarify once and for all?

Anyway, BR then shifted to IR for some movies, came to ARR for kizhakku cheemayile, karuthamma, anthimantharai, taj mahal. He had also tried vidyasagar for parambarai, which did have some good numbers. And of course Deva for tamizh selvan and now kadal pookkal. BTW, tamizh selvan had some good numbers by Deva.

Now the questions:

Why did these 3 directors leave Raja in the first place? What were their last movies with Raja? Mani's was Thalapathy, but the other 2??

All three worked with ARR, Mani (6 movies), KB (1) and BR (3). MR still does. KB is out of movies. So why is BR so unsure with his composers?

Would Mani and BR be back with IR to create magic again? (assuming that KB is into TV, fulltime)

Why did KB stop work with Maragadhamani? He was damn good after all in Azhagan and Jadhi Malli!! Similarly why did BR forget Vidyasagar who gave him more than decent music for Parambarai? (adi athi, thamara poovukkum)...does it have anything to do with all these 3 movies doing very average business?



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