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Envy Envy

Topic started by darul (@ on Sat Sep 2 08:16:12 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The Same thread is found under the name NO..Ir No Arr...sorry for repost under differnt heading, i really eager to know whats..all around!

I am having a view that the people in Tamil Film Industry could never stand any one man coming on to a world class level at any moment..!
Looking onto the happenings for IR..
the media and the TF industry people ditched him when he came out of India to compose symphony...and then we all know what happened(just wanting to push him

And now I feel the people are unable to withstand
the rise of ARR(with ARR concentrating on the Bombay Dreams in London) and again media and TF people lifting news of the category found in this link

Are these guys,really unable to withstand a man from same category rising to world class level when they still remain taking the same old scenes in films...!

I feel media offers them a real good support since media lies on these TF people for their long run!

Then never in life.. a TF/TFM man is going to stand at the world class and not even in the TFM with their quality work! Then only the people who survive on TFM
would remain rather making TFM to survive!

I am not comapring anyone's work...and their quality only...only just the things that prevail when someone wants to achieve something for their satisfaction.

Please pass on your views and opinions...Also i am
sorry if i have commented any thing wrong!


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