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Soothing Voices Soothing Voices

Topic started by Srinivas (@ on Sat Jul 27 21:31:52 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

While we are on Soothing voices (news group RMIM),here's an attempt to showcase voices from the South.Among filmi singers my choice is A.M.Rajah. The Telugu song chosen here is one of his semi classical numbers, "nii sigge singaarame" Bhagya Rekha,1957, Susarla Dakshinamoorthy, Devulapalli Krishna Sastry and is based on raag Anandabhairavi.

This can be heard at

According to

"nii vunDedaa konDapai, naa swami, nee vunDedii nelapai" (O swami, you live on the hill and I live on the land below) by Suseela is based on raag Anandabhairavi and IIRC " nii sigge" is its tandem. So I assume that its also based on the same raag.

nii sigge singaarame nii sogase bangaarame
nii sigge singaarame o cheliya nii sogase bangaarame

Your blushes are your embellishments, o mate, and your elegance is golden
cheliya = mate

kanulaara darivachhene o dhanalakshmi manasichhi digivachhene

You are the goddess of fortune who heartily descended upon us

nii navvu puulu ave maaku chaalu

Your smiles are flowers and those are enough for us

nii voyyaaraalu ave vela velu

Your grace is worth thousand thousands

o pedaraala mare puujalelaa

maa pai nii daya chuupava o naa chelii

Show pity on me(us) o my mate

nii sigge singaarame

maa toTa puuche vasanthamu niive

You are the spring of our garden

maa baaTa chuupe ? niive

You are the one who shows us the path

maa lonaa koluvainaa mahalakshmi niive

You are the goddess of fortune to grace upon us

maa pai nii daya chuupavaa o naa chelii

Show pity on me(us) o my mate

nii sigge singaarame


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