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Can film music be taken up as a profession ? Can film music be taken up as a profession ?

Topic started by krishnan (@ on Fri Jul 24 17:40:59 EDT 1998.
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When Balamuralikrishna, was asked in one of the interviews if music can be taken up as a profession, his answer was a straight 'NO'.He leads by example by saying that though his sons have learned music they have not taken up music as a profession.Reason - Creative process being taken over by commercial elements.We are left with a catch 22 situation.If one takes up film music completely his vision could get diluted as compromises creeep up.Raja once mentioned ' it doesn't make sense in saying I am going to compose music tommorow' as composing has to come naturally and not time frame driven.This has left us with many a talented musicians( performers) putting a part time ( half hearted ) effort resulting in mediocre music.What this has resulted is the so called ' MD's' , who have just monetary goals, without any artistic pursuits make good of the situation.Can one keep his artistic pursuit going at the samt time stay alive in this market ??


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