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what happened to these singers ? what happened to these singers ?

Topic started by NagasubramaniaN (@ on Fri Sep 25 10:42:56 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hai all.,
do u remember 'preethi uttamsingh' ?
i remember 2 tamil & one hindhi song by her., all MDed by IR., both the tamil songs were superhit ('kaathal vaanile.,' - with SPB from 'rasayya' & 'allah un aanaippadi.,' with Unnikrishnan from 'chandralekha'but i can't see her name in any of the mags or cassette covers till today.,
what happened to this good singer
do u have any info.,
i extend this question by adding one more great sinmger to this list - mithali - sung 'yamunai aatrile.,' in 'talapathy'., i don't know any other tamil song sung by her !


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