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Post MGR era - Idiots rule: BR, MR, ARR and so on Post MGR era - Idiots rule: BR, MR, ARR and so on

Topic started by Misguided Soul (@ on Tue Sep 3 15:49:05 EDT 2002.
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i recently saw sigappu rojakkal for the first time! i must say, kamal hasan' character writing his abuse on the wall of a locked front room beyond logic. then the whole screenplay was amateurish (no wonder the hindi red rose bombed). likewise anjali of mrathnim, what a shame that our audience is so naive and stupid. yesterday saw alapayuthey - those syruppy dialogues, emotions and sentiments trademark or this mr guy, MBA educated and the crap that comes out of him! only movie i could tolerate of this highly 'lucky' sob is roja - i don't know how, but i did find that tolerable.

about kamal, if he wrote the screenplay of apoorva sahotharagal, then he is a top dog filmmaker. rajanikanth, a nice entertainer but cannot influence or motivate the directors to use tight screenplays.

ultimately, whom did we have as the best - filmmakers of the pre-70s era, let us say Bhim Singh was the best, MGR saw to it his films made sense in every technical and theatrical aspect and of course, Sivaji motivated directors anyways just by his acting

others above average were kbalachander, sridhar, R.Thyagarajan (devar films) SP Muthuraman (a lively entertainer), bagyaraj - immensely talented, ramarajan - tight story line

but, holding mrathinam, braja in awe, i can only say that us tamilians have become idiots since the 80s because of lack of choice, otherwise how do you think the public is still supportingg arr and deva is given a thousand lives to prove his emptiness??????!

and, i can only tell one thing: IR has been patient and kind, but very unlucky, he has seen too much of his talent wasted by idiots like mrthnam and braja and sycophantic assistants.

btw, if i were get a chance to slap this alaypayuthey video on mr' face, i won't miss it.


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