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"Nadodi Thendral" could have been...... "Nadodi Thendral" could have been......

Topic started by Sethu (@ on Sat Nov 2 15:54:23 EST 2002.
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such a great movie. But, somewhere it went wrong. There was some great talent involved with this movie. First you had Bharathiraja, one of tamil cinema's greatest directors, poet/writer Sujatha (one of the best writers), a happening Karthik, a newface - Ranjitha, a international cast, and best of all IR's last score for Bharathiraja. But as the saying goes, too many good cooks spoiling the broth. I happened to catch this movie yesterday and wanted to give out my opinion. It reminded me a lot of "Lagaan". This has to be one of those rare movies that had a chance to be a classic if Bharathiraja had handled the story in a different fashion. IR, though, didn't let Bharathiraja down in anyway. "Maniye Manikuyile" and "Sandhana Marbiley" are some of the best songs I've heard from IR. What do you guys think?


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