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Which songs do u think that missed Nation Award?? Which songs do u think that missed Nation Award??

Topic started by NiSha (@ on Sun Jul 20 11:14:56 EDT 2003.
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hello Gys-GYls
'Which songs do u think that missed Nation Award??'
SONG; Nilla Kaikirathu
SINGER:Harini( i think dis her first song its really wonderfull song.Good job done by HArini.that song nice 2 here from harini voice.
MUSIC:A R Rahman

AND SONG:Narumugaiyae & Roja Roja
SINGERS:Unnikrishnan & (UNKNOWN)-Unnikrishnan
both songs really nice i think unnikrishnan derseve 2 get nation award for both songs.he has done really nice job.

pls if u 've any comments plz post here


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