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Rules of ARR Fan club in this Forum (10 Cs) Rules of ARR Fan club in this Forum (10 Cs)

Topic started by Speaker (@ on Tue Sep 17 01:40:04 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

1. Use multiple names - Use great names like erivan, god etc.
2. Speak vulgar - (5 Personal coaches available for this)
3. Shout at the top pitch, that if the music is not liked/heard by them then it is not music at all. Whoever likes are a bunch of fools.
4. Always recyle their posts
5. Always quote hindi/jingle/some selected western references to elevate their master
6. Prove to the world, that money and media pubcity is the scale of assessing good score
7. Criticise IR even at personal level like Birth,Colour etc.
8. Give support to anyone other than IR for the sake of conveniance
9. If nothing works out, talk about symphony
10. Still talk as if they are the decent guys on the earth.


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