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Ilaiyaraja and the bass guitar! Ilaiyaraja and the bass guitar!

Topic started by Srivatsan (@ on Thu Dec 4 06:48:17 EST 2003.
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Ilaiyaraja and the bass guitar!

Dear All, Im a newbie to this wonderful site. Ive just been going through the old IR threads, especially 'Ilaiyaraja and the guitar' and the like. I was fascniated by the way ppl had discussed these topics (Mux, Kanchana and Kitcha ... hats Off!) I am absolutely bowled out by IRs use of the bass guitar in many many songs, like Ninnukori, POOgatru PudhirAnathu and so on. Im planning to learn the acoustic guitar and I thought Ilaiyaraja's love for the bass guitar shopuld be discussed more in detail. Please post ur comments!


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