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Trend Setting Beats/Rhythms Trend Setting Beats/Rhythms

Topic started by cosmician (@ on Sun Aug 12 05:56:05 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

IR and ARR have created certain drum rhythms that have become widely used by other MDs both in the North and the South. A few egs.

IR :
1) The beat from "Rakkamma" in Thalapathi
Widely used by North MDs in numerous songs.

2) The beat from "Rasave" Walter Vetrivel..
It went on to be adapted and used numerously by the likes of Deva and Sirpi. ARR paid a digital tribute to it in the "Ottagatha" number in Gentleman.

1) The synth bass rhythm that he first used in "Kaadhal Rojave" and "Netru Illadha Matram" set the trend for other MDs to add it in their romantic numbers

2) Congo/Bongo/Synth drum interludes.. a style that has many MDs emulating it today

Are there more and some that I've missed ?


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