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Now, what they say abt ARR... Now, what they say abt ARR...

Topic started by Paran (@ on Wed Jun 4 22:39:35 EDT 2003.
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The total submission of his (A.R.Rahman) life for the cause of music; his thirst for creating not any chaff but only grains appeals to me the most!
-- Vairamuthu (Dinakaran, Apr 13 2000)

His musical ability to confine the whole world's air in his flute; his glowing inner peace; the simplicity of a mother is what I saw in him (A.R.Rahman) .
-- lyricist Ilayakamban (Dinakaran, June 2000)

The best part about singing for Rahman is the freedom he gives the singer. Even for my first song he let me sing the way I was comfortable with, eventhough I was a nobody then.
-- singer Harini (Kumudam, June 2000)

Thanks to Rahman a new trend in music was introduced. The audience for Malayalam films is limited to Kerala and so, horizons don't widen and we get no mileage. Rahman says that the trend he started will last only for three or four years more. After that he predicts another Rahman will come along in the scene.
-- singer Unnimenon (Screen, August 2000)

I think he (A.R.Rahman) is an absolute genius and is one of the few music directors who completely knows what he is doing. It's an absolute pleasure working with him as he is a cool and modest guy.
-- singer Shankar Mahadaven (Rediff, July 1999)

People become immediately entranced by whatever he composes. Rahman is a phenomenon. He's young and talented. And he has his fingers on the pulse of the young generation. My hopes (for the future) are pinned on A R Rahman.
-- singer/composer/lyricist Bhupen Hazarika (Screen, 2000)

Rahman never ceases to amaze me. He is such a fine musician and also a techno-junkie. If you give him a set of headphones he will most probably rip it apart to understand why it works so well!
-- S. Sreedhar, sound engineer. (Apr 2000)

I appreciate A.R's work. He has a penchant for being international. I think he is talented. A.R. has taught me the value and meaning of sound in my recording and thanks to him, today I am my own arranger.
-- Anu Malik, music director (Nov 2000)

We admire Rahman's work. He is a different kind of music director and has genuine knowledge about the art.
-- Jatin-Lalit, composers (Dec 2000)

I think he (Rahman) is the consummate composer that I know of in the world. His music comes from the characters and is an extension of them. I think he is the best.
-- Deepa Mehta, film maker (Nov 1998)

It's not enough to be successful. It's important to attempt something new. Rahman's contribution to film music will never be forgotten. He has given a new dimension and understanding to sound.
-- lyricist Javed Akhtar (Filmfare, Feb 2001)

I admire three things about Rahman. Among the young composers he probably is the most original. He has a strong sense of melody and his harmony is unbeatable. Finally he gives his music a rich tonal color, richness through his combination of instruments, a character to the music.
-- director Shyam Benegal (India West, Jan 2001)

The composer who re-wrote the history of film music was A.R.Rahman with the path-breaking soundtrack of Roja. The sound created by the little master was nothing less than astounding. His concept of fresh sound included acoustics of unheard instruments, fusion of Indian and western, plus introducing new singers with distinct voice quality. Right from 1993 onwards, till today music industry has not been able to fathom the inexhaustible talent of the composer.
-- (Article in Nazara, 2001)

Rahman doesn't talk much he lets his music do the talking.. When the singer feels that they can give only 50% of what he is expecting, Rahman knows how to extract upto 100% from them!
-- Singer Unnimenon (Ambalam, 2001)

It is every singerís dream to work with A R Rahman because he makes you feel like God. I worked with Rahman for a beautiful song called E Nazneen suno and for Nayak. Of course, I did get nervous when I had to record with him, especially since he records at an unearthly hour like three in the night. But he makes you feel as if you are AR Rahman and he is just an ordinary fellow. Other music directors should learn to be humble like him. Todayís music directors do not respect their singers. If one singer is not around they replace them with another. Also, they demoralise you when you are in front of the mike.
-- Singer Abhijeet (SRK World, 2001)

I have learnt many things from many music directors. If you single out A.R.Rahman, I can quote his relentless labour, high enthusiasm, and commitment to the tasks at hand. He would never compromise on the quality of a song. He is quality-conscious and individualistic.
-- music director Harris Jayaraj (2001)

A R Rahman not only gave me the break (in Dil Se), he taught me a lot of techniques in composing music arrangement and recording. He was the one to impress upon the need to be technically perfect before any producer could be expected to invest in you.
-- singer-composer Sukhvinder Singh (Deccan Herald, 2000)

Rahman revolutionised sound. He's a trend-setter in more ways than one. The only thing common between us is the fact that we started out in advertising and moved on to films. There's just no comparison otherwise. Rahman is a legend of sorts.
-- music director Sandeep Chowta (Filmfare, 2002)

He's a genius. Working with him in Dil Se was a milestone in my career. He has single-handedly changed the sound of music in Hindi movies. He has even changed the format of songs and has popularised fine verse.
-- Gulzar (Filmfare, 2002)

I have listened to a lot of music, but Rahman wins. The guy is amazing. When we came with the idea of Vande Mataram, he was enthused like few people I have known and seeing him work is a learning experience. The immense knowledge he has about music and the frenzy with which he approaches his work..., he is my greatest musical influence.
-- Kanika (2001)

The nineties brought A. R Rahman who engineered a sound revolution by using new technology and his popularity grew with the rise of satellite channels.
-- music director Bharadwaj, The Hindu, 2002

We worship Rahman's music.
-- Ehsaan, (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio), The Hindu, 2001


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