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Singing pattern of male singers and female singers over a period of time in TFM Singing pattern of male singers and female singers over a period of time in TFM

Topic started by A.G.Kutty (@ on Thu Feb 17 08:04:11 EST 2000.
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From: A.G.Kutty
The present trend in TFM,irrespective whether it is a male voice or female voice, is to sing in a medium pitch and/or low pitch melody.I was trying to look at the radical changes in delivery of music for last few years of Tamil Film Music. I could see a consistent pattern as far as female singing is concerned. Most of the female singers
who sang in TFM from mid fiftees sang in medium/low pitch melody.Singers like P.Bhanumathy,
M.S.SubbaLakshmi, Jamuna Rani, Jikki, P.Leela, P.Suseela, S.Janaky, Vani Jayaram, Chithra, Sujatha etc belong to tis category.LR Eswary had a diffrent style, but she sang in medium pitch melody too. The only exception , as I could see, are D.K.Pattambal and Ramani Ammal who are high pitch singers and sang mostly devotional songs in mythological movies.
But the case is not the same when you look at history of male singing. In fifties and early sixtees, the liking was only for high pitch singers like Trichy Loganathan, Chidambaram Jayaraman, Shirkazhi Govindarajan and TMS.Sixtees, however, witnessed PBS and A.M Raja who were medium pitch singers, but I feel the high pitch singers like TMS &Shirkhazhi dominated the scene.(TMS , however,was very versatile-could adopt himself to any pitch). With the arrival of SPB and Yesudas in a big way, I feel TFM always resorted to medium/low pitch style. This trend is the most accepted one now and nowdays nobody wants to listen to a delivery like Shirkazhi did.

Can somebody share their thinking? Why TFM always had a consistent approach towards delivery of female singing where as it fluctuated and varied in case of male singing?
Sorry for a long narration. But I feel it is an interesting factor to,look at.


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