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Super Star Rajinikanth's next movie ..... Super Star Rajinikanth's next movie .....

Topic started by Mohamed Faris (@ on Wed Feb 18 21:59:10 EST 2004.
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Rajini will make film soon. Recently it have been announced although not officially that his new film will be released in PONGAL 2005.
The film will be masala film and the director have not confirmed yet. There are 3 directors in Rajini's list who are Suresh Krishna, K.S. Ravikumar & Hari. From my opinion Hari should not direct Rajini's movie because he is new in cinema field & didn't understand Rajini's power. The best choice is the union of K.S. Ravikumar with Suresh Krishna to direct Rajini's movie. This is not impossible because they have did it for Avvai Shanmugi. The movie that directed by both of them became super mega hit.
The most important part is the music director for Rajini's film A.R.Rahman should not allowed again for do music for Rajini's movie because although he is best in songs he is weak in BGM (background music). I have to say this although i'm basically a fanatic ARR fan. Rajini's film need a great BGM score. Harris Jeyaraj is also not suitable because he is same like his 'guru' AR Rahman. Ilaiyaraja is best but they (Rajini and Ilaiyaraja) will never reunion again because if some miss understandings. I'm not sure about this but i heard it from a beliavable source. So, the best choice is DEVA!!
Did you heard how powerful the Batcha's BGM was.
He is the great for Rajini movie's BGM especially for special musics when does Rajini shows his style.
The actress should be Simran but she had married so the next choice is Aishwarya Rai. The comedian should be Ganagaraj, Senthil, and Vadivelu. Vivek should not invited to join Rajini's movie because of certain reasons that u all knows. So----viewers POST YOUR REPLY!!!!


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