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Royalty payment to singers Royalty payment to singers

Topic started by KUTTY (@ on Sun Mar 28 05:47:00 EST 2004.
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Malayalam music scene is undergoing a very big and sensitive debate. As per media reports,KJY's Tharangini Studio has cautioned or sent notices to certain artists like Unni Menon and Madhu Balakrishnan that in case they are singing songs sung by KJY in their stage shows, they have to take a licence and/or pay royalty to KJY/Tharangini. The issue was raised based on some rule of some Indian performance trust. There is a big protest across kerala musical scene. If the same rule applies, they say KJY should pay royalty to Mohd Raffi, Thyagaraja Bhagavathar,Muthuswami Deekshithar etc because he has been singing their songs on the stage. Also, they say that he should pay royalty to the film producer,Lyricist and MD if he is singing his own songs. The person who claimed loyalty fee, they say , is Vinod Yesudas who is KJY's son. I could not see a response form KJY on this yet.What are the views of tfm participants about such a scenerio where a singer claims loyalty if somebody else sings his songs in stage shows?


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