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<b>Shankar's BOYS has Kapilan wroting Lyrics for A R Rahman, pictutisation and song lyrics here</b> Shankar's BOYS has Kapilan wroting Lyrics for A R Rahman, pictutisation and song lyrics here

Topic started by Jay (@ on Tue Feb 18 01:13:22 EST 2003.
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Director Shankar who is making Boys talks about the song picturization of one of the songs from the film. "The song picturization was supposed to symbolize simplicity. Sabu Syril came up with four idea for creating sets with all old discarded items like bottle, rusted vessels, twigs, plastic covers and so on. Lyricist Kapilan wrote lines to match the sets and the theme. Rahman gave excellent music for the same!" The song is:

kaadhal idhudhaan adhudhaan endru ketkuma?
kaadhal idhayam edhayam edhir paarkuma?
muLLinmeedhu kaakai kunju thoongavillaiya?
ai.. koppai mettil rojachedi poopadhillaiya?
kottangucchi koorai podhum nam kaadhal vaazhum!
thanga basmam thevaillai thanneer podhum!
kaadhal nuzhaidhaal kaayilaankadaiyum kolar vayalaagum!

otta ottaichchal
kaadhal nuzhaidhaal

maram ezhaiththa
suruL viriththu
malarpadukkai seivom!

mugam udaintha
agaLvilakkaai vaazhvom!
katti thazhuvum
attai pol vaazhvom!

poochchi irandaai
oonjalaadi vaazhvom!

mazhai kuzhaitha
man puzhukal nee.. naan!

iruvandugal naamdhaan!

"This song is going to be the anthem of the youth. Wait till the movie releases!" says Shankar.

For the pictures click here:


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