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Topic started by mani (@ on Fri Nov 3 04:12:07 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


An article at musicCurry goes like this...
"Conspiracy against ARR...." and quotes ARR
saying the following....

"Some people who did not like my group and me going to US for the concerts, tried to make sure that we did not get visas to get to US at the American Consulate in Chennai. We did not get visas until two days before the concert. All this after I have traveled several countries in the past few years! In fact, I had traveled to US just recently, but this time there were several rejections.."

visit this site for further info:

Could this be true?
Because of this it was a KAROKE show in NY.
Then, in Dubai too, some people conspired against HIM?


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