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Latest Algorithm from Poet Vairamuthu Latest Algorithm from Poet Vairamuthu

Topic started by Neels (@ on Wed Dec 30 06:37:26 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am enclosing a mail I receeievd from a friend. It is hilarious to say the least. And very true:
It has been taken from some posting by one Ramesh Mahadevan (I don't know from which forum; if TFM, sorry guys, for the repetition.)

Thought I'll share this with you all...

OK, here it goes:
Latest Algorithm from Poet Vairamuthu
by Ramesh Mahadevan

(Please note: This post is written in jest. So, if you have a fragile personality or if you are a habitual flame-thrower, skip this post. )

It has been several years since I wrote my post on "An algorithmic approach to Tamil verses." Since I wrote that piece, I realize that I have become vastly unpopular. But what the heck, let me go on with my frontal attack on Mr. Vairamuthu's lyrics. It is time for me to upgrade my earlier post.

Now the great Pulavar Vairamuthu has evolved a newer and more high-tech algorithm. We have 50 Kg Taj Mahal and patently absurd concepts like Flight-il vandha nandhavanam (Can somebody please explain what this means?) Basically, the Pulavar wants to be in the swing of things - he wants to tell us that he knows what a fax is and that he is hip to latest cellular phones. Let it be known that he is on top of all high-tech developments and teenage goings on. Sticking to Pulavar's latest algorithm, I came up with the following song:


Internet-ilirundhu kudhitthu vandhavale
Winterstorm pola kulircchi thandhavale
Centerspread-kku sirippai thandhavale
Mentor Graphics Stock pola irangi vandhavale
Nee dhaanadi enadhu periya Y2K problem
Kaadhalaiye re-engineer seydha oru emblem
DVD devi-di,
nee Web-TV-yin aavi-di
Thitthikkindra tiramisu,
devi nee oru pudhu dhinusu
Deviyin viyarvai mazhai oru Niagara
Thevai illai enakku endrum Viagra
Taj Mahal iruppadho oru Agra
Thaamarai poo ival ennaangara

See ? It is that simple. It took me all of six minutes to make this song. It is only a matter of time before words like Viagra and Y2K creep into Vairamuthu's songs. (Mark my word - today is July the 27th, 1998. I guarantee this before the end of this year) .

Readers, now you too can compose such lyrics. Just choose any of the following buzzwords, phrases and newsy people and make up anything. Have fun !

Technical terms: Merced chip, Nuclear fusion, parallel computing, Web page, etc.

Cultural icons: Dim sum, Spice girls, Sensex (!), Gen X, hip-hop, etc.

Newsy things: Asia crisis, Dodi Fayed, Monica Lewinsky, Ronaldo, Leo deCaprio etc.

Vairamuthuism: Vervai, devi, janmam etc.


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