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<html><head><b><font color=red>Which Discussion Forumers have you met from TFMPage?</font></b> Which Discussion Forumers have you met from TFMPage?

Topic started by C~P (@ on Mon Mar 29 13:30:00 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi musiclovers!!!

TFMPage has been a nice place for people to share what they know with each other. Many people help you with what you want and become your pals.

But how many of these faces have you seen?

How many have you met in person?

How many have you atleast spoken to over phone?

How many have you chat with on a Messenger?

How many have you atleast mailed?!

Get-togethers happen every now and then. I can see people shaking their heads violently in disagreement, but they do happen! Atleast ONE major get-together has happened to my knowledge.

Attended by : Saravanan, Lord Labaku Das, Prabhu, Suresh, Rajasaranam, Sriram Lakshman, Raj and C~P

Any such events that happened elsewhere? Would be nice to learn about such experiences.....Share benefits gained if any


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