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Translation Help: AP - September Madham Translation Help: AP - September Madham

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:09:10 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.

Can someone comment on it, and please translate the question marks (if any)?

Thanks a lot!!

PS: I forgot to mention that I don't understand one word of Tamil

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: September Madham

thunbam tholaindhadhu...inbam tholaindhadhu...
- ??? ... my happiness is lost ...

septembar maadham septembar maadham vaazhvin thunbaththai tholaiththu
- september month, september month, lost the sorrows of the life

aktoabar maadham aktoabar maadham vaazhvin inbaththai tholaiththu vittoam
- october month, october month, lost the happiness of my life

thunbam tholaindhadhu eppoa...kaadhal piRandhadhae appoa
- when you lost your sorrows ... love was born at that time

inbam tholaindhadhu eppoa...kalyaaNam mudindhadhae appoa
- when you lost the happiness ... you got married at that time

ae peNNae...
- oh girl...

kaadhal enbadhu inikkum virundhu kalyaaNam enbadhu vaeppangozhundhu ae
- love is like a fest of sweets, marriage is the bitterness of the neem

oa niRaiyil mattumae kaadhal paarkkum kuRaiyil mattumae kalyaaNam paarkkum
aen kaNNaa
- oh my boy, love sees only strengths, marriage sees only weaknesses

kaadhal paarppadhu paadhi kaNNil kalyaaNam paarppadhu naalu kaNNiladi peNNae
- oh girl, love is seen only by half an eye, marriage is seen by 4 pairs of
* (4 pairs?, I assume 2 pairs?)

kiLi mookkin nuni mookkil koabangaL aLaiginRa rasikkum rasikkum kaadhal
- on the tip of the noses, love enjoys even the beauty of the crows

kalyaaNam aanaalae thurumbellaam thooNaaga aen aen aen moadhal
- after marriage even mole hills become mountains, why this clashes

peNgaL illaamal aaNgaLukkaaRudhal kidaikkaadhu
- men without women, man can't have the consolation

peNgaLae ulagil illaiyenRaal aaRudhalae thaevaiyirukkaadhu
- if women aren't there in this world, men may never need consolation

naan kaNdaen...
- ???

kaadhal enbadhu kazhuththil sangili kalyaaNam enbadhu kaalil sangili en
- I have found out that love means heavy chains, marriage means auspicious
chain, what can i do?
* (what is meant here? 'love is strong, marriage is weak???')

kalyaaNam enbadhaith thaLLip poadu thoNNooRu varaikkum ???? vaa anbae
- postpone the marriage till 90 and come my love, let's cross 100 also
kaadhal pozhudhil virumbum kuRumbu kalyaaNak kattilil kidaippadhillai en
- my friend, i don't get the love's irons and splinters in marriage cot
* (what is meant here?)

pirivonRu naeraadha uRavonRil sugamillai kaadhal kaadhal adhudhaan
- there is no happiness in relationship in which there isn't a seperation,
that's what love is

uRavoadu silakaalam pirivoadu silakaalam naam vaazhvoam vaa vaa
- come let's live with sometime with relationship and sometime with

aaNgaL illaamal peNgaLukkaaRudhal kidaikkaadhu
- without men, women don't have the consolation

aaNgaLae ulagil illaiyenRaal aaRudhalae thaevaiyirukkaadhu
- if there aren't any men in this world, there is no need for consolation


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