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"Jai" creates a unique record! "Jai" creates a unique record!

Topic started by Sabeek Anwar (@ on Fri Nov 7 08:27:01 EST 2003.
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A few words from Thyagarajan at the movie sets in Thiruvannamalai:

"This movie has been shot on a massive scale. Viewers can easily sense the abundant speculation made in this movie, which revolves round a love story.

For instance, a Rs 2 crore worth realistic set was created, that of a sea, with the song "Mayajalam manthran seyyum gettikaran naan.Ettu thikkum pattai kilappum getti kaaran naan" featuring Prashanth and Simran. The dance troop comprises of models from Mumbai! And Prashanth had to go to Hong Kong to do some bodybuilding as the movie looked-for Prashanth with a good physique. An action scene in Hyderabad required 2000 side artists. This is the first time that such colossal scenes have been taken in Tamil Cinema. Also featuring in this movie are Raj Kiran, Seetha, Ponnambalam and others well known in the Cine field.

This is the first time that I am featuring along with Prashanth. There is a fight scene between Prashanth and me. Banupriya performs the role of my wife in this movie.

We will be moving on to the fight scenes, which will be shot in Hongkiong and Mumbai, and the song scenes in Italy, Mexico, Venice and Africa after the completion of the movie by 15th of this month. "Jai" will be released for Pongal".

He even said that though 'Jai' is taking quite a long time for completion, it is anticipated to be out and successful by Pongal.

Oh yes! The message is already conveyed in the song! "Ettu thikkum pattayai kilappum gettikaaran naan".


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