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excellent songs in dud movies excellent songs in dud movies

Topic started by vengayam (@ on Sat Apr 27 03:25:13 EDT 2002.
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How many times you have gone to the picture hall got thoroughly bored by the flick & suddenly an excellent song comes along ( in most cases horribly picturised ) It left you wondering what is this song doing in a movie like this. Conversely you liked a song very much that you went to see the movie with the same result.
For starters I have given half a dozen.
1.gangai nadhi oram Raman nadanthan ( varaprasadham. Vijay Kumar , jay chitra horror)
2.meen kodi theril manmatha rajan (Karumbu vil. why was this movie made beats me)
3 engum niraindha iyarkayil enna sugamo ( idhu eppadi irukku. dandama irrukku. based on sujatha's Anitha ilam manaivi. it was averitable kotthu kari. *g jai & sridevi)
4.Vaanavillinul varna jaalangal ( Naan naane than *g P Madhavan's son Aamam nee neeye than en velliya vanthe)
5.Unakkenna mele ninrai ( Simla special what was special was this was a tragic comedy. Sv sekar irrunthum ...oru sirippu kood illai)
6.Malargale malargale (Love birds. pyramid natarjan & P Vasukku than velicham indha padathin nokkam enna enru)
I can think of other movies. the criteria is that the movie should suck ( of course mostly the movies would have bombed but there may be exceptions)
I don't want people to come & post simla Special Ariyaluril 20 Naal Pocchu enru. The movie sucked big time ( more so as it was from Mukta movies)
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