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IR real music lover !! IR real music lover !!

Topic started by Kiran (@ on Thu Sep 26 03:30:28 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Guys ,
IR is real music lover amongst all composers.....usually when a very big ruling MD is replaced by new revolutionary MD the ruling MD gets highly demotivated and almosts fails composing good music...and finally stops...they are not the real music lovers...some other feelings infuence their capacity to compose ...But even when AR grabbed the market from IR completely few years back....IR still is composing good music and also hits which no MD can do ......!!see MSV,KV or any other MD from india....once their throne is grabbed they collapse ...But IR is not disturbed but kept on composing good music ....IR is true music lover one can be that strong usually...just imagine his followers one by one shifting to new MD (AR) it will effect anyone in IR's place....MR,BC,BR,RAJNI,P.VASU,Kamal,kathir by one all....


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