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Vani Jairams work with classical musicians Vani Jairams work with classical musicians

Topic started by avr (@ on Fri Aug 31 08:34:04 EDT 2001.
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Hi guys,

I am a north Indian and a fan of Vani. I have heard she has done great work with many classical musicians like

1)Veenai Chitti babu
2)Birju Maharaj - Kathak dance exponent
3)Kelucharan Mahapatra - odissi dance exponent
4)Kumar Gandharva
5)Ravi Shankar
6)Ananda Shankar
7)Raghunath Seth
8)Jitendra Abhishekhi

Of these, I know only about her work with Ravi Shankar and Raghunath Seth.

I understand I am not talking about TAMIL music exactly, but maybe you people could give me a link to the info I need.

Also is she a pure classical singer - does she perform Carnatic concerts?


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