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Translation Help: AP - Kadal Sadugudu Translation Help: AP - Kadal Sadugudu

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:08:28 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.

Can someone comment on it, and please translate the question marks (if any)?

This song particularly sounds weird, when reading the translation (see

Thanks a lot!!

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: Kaadhal Sadugudu

kaadhal sadugudugudu kaNNae thodu thodu
- it's a game of love, beloved, come touch me, touch me

alaiyae sitRalaiyae karai vandhu vandhu poagum alaiyae
- wave, oh, small wave that touches the bank and withdraws

ennaith thoduvaay medhuvaayp padarvaay enRaal nuraiyaay karaiyum alaiyae
- i thought you'll touch me, occupy me slowly, but you're foaming and
melting wave

tholaivil paarththaal aamaam enginRaay arugil vandhaal illai enRaay
- you say 'yes' when i am far away, but when i near you, you ask me what?

nagila nagila nagilaa oa oa oa vilagidaadhu nagilaa oa oa
- ???
* (what does this mean?)

pazhagumbozhudhu kumariyaagi ennai velvaay peNNae
- when you spread over me, win over me like a maiden
* (what does this mean?)

padukkai aRaiyil kuzhandhaiyaagi ennaik kolvaay kaNNae
- my dear, kill me by becoming a child in the bed room
* (there has got to be a better translation than this!! Do they mean
'inexperienced in bed' or something??)

neeraattum naeraththil ennannaiyaaginRaay
- while i am bathing you become like my mother
* (what were they trying to say?)

vaalaattum naeraththil en piLLaiyaaginRaay
- while singing lullaby you become like my child

naanaagath thottaaloa muLLaagip poaginRaay
- when i touch you by myself, you'll become like a thorn

neeyaagath thottaaloa poovaaga aaginRaay
- when you touch me by yourself you're becoming like a flower

en kaNNeer en thaNNeer ellaamae neeyanbae
- oh my beloved, you're my eyes, my tears, you're everything to me

en inbam en thunbam ellaamae neeyanbae
- my beloved, you're my joys and sorrows, you're everything to me

en vaazhvum en saavum un kaNNil asaivilae
- my life and death is in the movement of your eyes

un uLLam naan kaaNa ennaayuL poadhaadhu
- my life is insufficient to study and know your heart

en anbai naan solla un kaalam poadhaadhu
- to express my love your life will be insufficient

en kaadhal iNaiyenna un nenju kaaNaadhu
- your heart will be never be able to know the value of my love

aanaalum en muththam sollaamal poagaadhu
- but still my kiss will not fail to express it

kondaalum konRaalum en sondham needhaanae
- you're the only one, i have to celebrate life or kill me
* (what the right word for 'celebrate' here?)

ninRaalum senRaalum un sondham naandhaanae
- if your with me or leave me, i am the only one you have

un vaetkai pinnaalae en vaazhkkai vaLaiyumae
- my life surrounds around you


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