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How Rahman and I (could be U too) think alike How Rahman and I (could be U too) think alike

Topic started by Yenna Solringu Neenga (@ on Mon Jun 17 20:56:41 EDT 2002.
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Here is another one for peeps, ROTFL, AV, SP. raji, curses and other exciting cast members of this forum. Freak out.... (no cheezy words here pls. only be happy and not....)

Ever had this feeling that while you are thinking of strange ideals and possibilities and forming delusions even thought you have no talent, that is exactly what somebody is trying to establish with their talents?

I was dreamin about building the The Bridge to the global audience and her is Rahman Sir (one year my juior at MCCHS, Chennai) talkin about it in one of his train rides (no sir, not that one from basin bridge). In the process of comparising my bridges with that of Rahman's I feel ARR has gone about bridge building as mentioned here:
for the following reasons:

1. Of course, to make money and take people away from fighting to visit this forum, thus averting WWIII (Enna Solrein sir?)
2. To prove to the world that Indian popular music is no less exciting than Western pop.
3. That Indian film music IS our contemporary and popular music and nothing to be ashamed of.
4. Why we should be not ashamed of it is because our film music has several exciting composers, who composes equally beautifully as Western pop.
5. Wants to prove indirectly and discretely that most of his efforts are a tribute to the Maestro of Indiam film music, Shri (not yet Padma) Dr. Maestro IsaiGnai RaagaDevan, future Bharat Ratna the one and only IR. To understand this speculation, please read the subconscious revelation of ARR here: Times of India, August 2001 or read various articles at
6. Tamil and Malayalam film composers should be enjoyed world wide.

7. See to the release of IR's Symphony soon!!!!
Bottom line: I have a feel that Rahman could buy out all the rights of film music of the 70s and 80s and start a global marketing company and sell Indian film music worldwide! Mainly, I see IR' Symphony releasing in a couple of years, the atmosphere is getting there. Yenna Solrein...


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